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Tom Lenihan
Tom's job is to coordinate the work of the SU on a day-to-day basis, including acting as the first spokesperson for the SU, maintaining and improving SU services, coordinating campaigns and ensuring that students have a voice at every level of college decision-making.
Call Tom on 087 96 44 660 or 
Education Officer
Jack Leahy
Jack's job is to defend and help to improve the quality of your education in College and to help you with anything academic related, from sitting repeats to changing courses and everything in between. You can find advice on the Education website or drop into his office in House Six.
Call Jack on 083 303 85 19 or 
Welfare Officer
Stephen Garry
Stephen is here if you ever need to talk or just want someone to listen. If you're finding things difficult, can't settle in or have a personal problem that you don't feel confident talking to someone you know about, then you can drop into his office in House Six. You can also find advice on the Welfare website.
Call Stephen on 085 101 64 81 or 
Communications Officer
Leanna Byrne
Leanna is tasked with making sure that you are fully informed of all that the SU is doing on your behalf, through use of various media including weekly emails, posters across campus, class addresses, online videos, this website, Facebook and Twitter.

She is also the editor of the University Times.
Call Leanna on 087 35 55 035 or 
Ents Officer
Sean Reynolds
Sean's sole purpose as Ents Officer is to make sure you are enjoying your time in College, providing you with top quality entertainment throughout the whole year. He also helps class reps organise class parties, assists in the planning of the famous Trinity Ball and coordinates all of the events in RAG week.
Call Sean on 087 614 81 07 or 
House Six
The five union officers work out of House Six in front square, which is also home to the union's front office, the bookshop, one of the SU's shops.

You can also find the Graduate Students' Union, Trinity Publications and a number of societies in House Six.

What can we do for you?

Trinity Ents is the branch of the Students' Union that makes sure you're enjoying college, making plenty of friends and going on lots of fun nights out. Ents runs club nights, live music and comedy gigs, large acts and much more. There are plenty of regular weekly nights both on and off campus.
The University Times is an editorially independent newspaper produced with the support of the Students' Union. It comes out every three weeks during term, but the website is updated regularly with news and staff blogs.
Grinds Service This service exists to help students struggling with their courses and facilitates them in finding a tutor. Students can find tutors to help with your studies, at any level, or advertise to give grinds to students in Dublin's secondary schools or in Trinity College.
Accommodation Advisory Service The Accommodation Advisory Service helps students find accommodation by providing them with advice and access to house-hunting resources. During August and September a fully staffed service is run from the Students' Union office in House Six.
Bookshop The Students' Union provides an online service for students to advertise books they're selling or looking to buy.
Jobs Mailing List The Students' Union maintains a mailing list of students looking for jobs. Emails are sent out to this list a few times a week, depending on the rate at which available positions are coming in. The jobs listed in these emails are suitable for students to be employed in.